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Music for the George Méliès silent film "Le Diable Noir"

I composed music to this hilarious silent film from 1905. Le Diable Noir was created by French filmmaker George Méliès. It tells the story of a man and a devil fighting over an apparently very comfortable bed in a hotel. The devils torments the man by moving furniture around, until the man goes mad and is escorted out by the hotel staff. Méliès' use of special effects in the film are quite stunning for the time. The jump cuts are incredibly seamless. Nowadays special effects are old news, but imagine how this must have struck audiences over a century ago! My aim was to compose something anachronistic to the film, and so the piece begins with a distorted guitar and a jazz fusion feel, and develops from there. The music is performed by Andrew Downing's Graduate Ensemble at U of T. Bassoon/Contrabassoon, Bianca Chambul; Flute, Kathy Hao; Violin, Andrew Dicker; Tenor Saxophone, Gord Hyland; Trumpet, Marie Goudy; Double Bass, Nick Arseneau; Drums/Vibraphone, Alex Lank; Guitar, Graham Campbell; Conductor, Andrew Downing.

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