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Here you'll find some of my favourite recordings, videos, bands, and collaborations that I've been involved in as a guitarist.

   Os Tropies pays tribute to the Tropicalia movement of 1960s Brazil, performing covers and original songs inspired by artists such as Gal Costa, Os Mutantes, and Caetano Veloso. 

Os Tropies- Les Chattes Jolies

Os Tropies- Les Chattes Jolies

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Os Tropies
Words Around the Waist

   Swampy guitars and keyboards, lush strings, and intricate vocal arrangements characterize the sound of Words Around The Waist. Like a string quartet, each of the four members contribute a voice of equal importance, adding a chamber element to their psychedelic pop style. Anna Atkinson, Graham Campbell, Sam Mclellan, and Ghislain Aucoin write songs for Words Around The Waist that are witty, dark, heartfelt and imaginative.